ICF Pune Chapter being under the auspices of ICF will offer certain
benefits to members which will be in line with the philosophy of ICF.
Membership Benefits :
  1. Allocation of CCEUs for the education slots to be conducted at the chapter meetings,
  2. Display your name under the members’ list to give you better visibility across industries & other forums who are searching for coaches,
  3. Free attendance at chapter meetings – no gate fee,
  4. Participation in chapter committees to contribute actively to the development of the chapter,
  5. Eligibility to get CCEUs upon participation in peer to peer coaching initiated by the chapter,
  6. Subsidized participation fee for programs arranged by the chapter either at off-site locations or requiring pooling in by the attendees of a particular program,
  7. Guidance about ICF credentialing process,
  8. Subsidized fee towards mentor coaching necessary to qualify for ICF credentialing,
  9. Eligibility to contribute to the blogs to be displayed on the chapter website,
  10. Participation in the pro bono coaching initiated by the chapter, hours of which can contribute to the qualifying hours for credentialing,
  11. The chance to participate in the development of other chapters to be promoted by Pune chapter,
  12. Receiving information from time to time about ICF initiatives that can have a potential impact on the individual members,

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