ICF Pune chapter has partnered with GAP for conducting a year-long 1 to 1 Leadership Coaching by ICF Pune Coaches for the Changemakers from the Maharashtra Region. 


The program would be in 3 phases - 


Phase 1 - Coaches to connect (meet) with Changemakers to identify which skills would benefit their leadership development. Prepare a calendar consisting of Group coaching and Leadership skills workshop for each Changemaker who has a team.


Phase 2 is for Changemakers with NGO/a small team: 1 Coach allocated for the overall development plan of 1 Changemaker and his/her team based on the calendar prepared. 


Phase 3 is when an impact assessment for all programs will be conducted. The coaches allotted will conduct the Impact assessment for the CMs allotted to them.


If you would like to participate in this program, please reach out to the chapter GC members. 


Global Action on Poverty (GAP) accelerates the impact produced by a diverse set of committed, passionate individuals (“Changemakers”), who are tirelessly working to bring people out of poverty through a myriad of ways. GAP provides these Changemakers a range of resources and capabilities through Partners to bring a step-up change in their initiative. Partners from different spheres such as Academia, Corporates, Foundations/charities, Impact Investors, Governments and others have joined hands with GAP to empower these Changemakers to make poverty history.

To participate in partner programs, please contact the GC Team 

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