An evening with Cindy

A Fabulous Evening with Cindy Muthukarapan MCC

The ICF Coaching Fraternity was treated to a wonderfully interactive, and hugely insightful discussion with Ms. Cindy Muthukarapan , MCC, as the Guest Speaker.

Cindy Muthukarapan is an internationally recognised Executive and Leadership Coach. She is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach and became the ICF South Africa President in 2017. Her achievements include her securing the coveted MCC in her first attempt.

Her considerable experience as a Coach and Mentor for aspiring Coaches, and indeed the more established ones, contributed greatly to the success of this ‘learning based’ interaction.

Cindy possesses a natural, intuitive understanding of the 11 Competencies, which she was able to amply express without jargons clouding their simplicity.

Cindy, whose expertise spans a wide array of clients, stressed on the importance of the 11 Coaching Competencies through a throught-provoking interactive discussion.

She emphasized that structure in coaching ought to guide and not cramp one’s natural coaching style. The need to focus on developing ‘Coaching Presence through deep listening.

She emphasized the need for a Coach to focus on the crucial ‘WHO’ in a coaching conversation, the need to follow one’s instincts while zoning into the ‘unspoken words’.

The ICF Chapter Pune thanks Cindy immensely for her insights, guidance and presence at this chapter event.

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